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Carlisle-Day 1

A cosmopolitan city with echoes of a Roman past.

It’s easy to see why people choose Carlisle as a great place to visit - from the Romans in the first century, to the legions that now arrive for a short break or longer holiday. In the beautiful and historic heart of Carlisle, City of the Lakes, you can stroll from the castle to the cathedral and on to Tullie House Museum - surrounded by great places to shop, eat and be entertained.

Hadrian’s Wall is just a stone’s throw away and was built to keep the marauding Scots out. The location of this border city means it has had a turbulent past, but the vibrant city life in this beautiful historic setting makes for an intriguing city break experience.



Arrive at Carlisle Station in the heart of the City Centre and take a stroll, exploring this historic cityscape. Browse the many shops or pop into Carlisle Cathedral, which shows the peaceable face of Carlisle’s past. Its 14th century stained glass window and magnificent ceiling looked down on the marriage of Sir Walter Scott and his French born bride.
All the threads of Carlisle’s colourful life and times are woven together dramatically in the displays of the award-winning Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery. You can easily spend a few hours delving into the areas history and enjoying the interactive displays.

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Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery is Carlisle's finest visitor attraction, and houses considerable collections of fine and decorative art, human history and natural sciences.



Head to the Garden Restaurant at Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery


Leave Tullie House by the underground Millennium Walkway and arrive at Carlisle Castle, the symbol of Carlisle’s strategic importance. Founded by William the Conqueror’s son, William Rufus in 1092 and once a prison for Mary Queen of Scots, it is still the home of the King’s Own Royal Border Regiment.

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Impressive and formidable, Carlisle Castle amply repays exploration of its absorbing 900-year history. Long commanding the especially turbulent western end of the Anglo-Scottish border, Carlisle has witness many conflicts and sieges.



Explore the city centre for a range of off beat and upbeat places to eat. If you don’t mind a late night then head to a couple of the cities many funky cocktail establishments.

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