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Let’s give a ‘toast’ to Marmalade… (sorry, we couldn’t resist).

The 2019 Marmalade Festival is just around the corner. This popular annual event, held at the Historic Dalemain Mansion, near Penrith has taken place every year since 2005 and the festival is all about 'preserving' and growing one of the most common British customs - to make marmalade.

The annual Marmalade Awards at Dalemain

From humble beginnings the event has spiralled into the festival it is today and inspired people from around the world. Thousands of recipes have been entered into the awards this year in the hope of taking the top spot prize of the WORLD’s BEST MARMALADE.

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But this isn’t just a festival for the artisan creators, but for the eaters and tasters out there that want to immerse themselves in all thing’s marmalade.

The annual Marmalade Awards at Dalemain
The event will be 'jam-packed' with the finest stalls in the north west, rounded up to offer you top notch products from paintings to cheese, oh and probably a fair bit of marmalade!

The day offers up cookery demonstrations and tutored tasting, performances and questions.
With so much fabulous produce on offer, you won’t be able to ‘peel’ yourself away without buying a jar (or several) of unique recipe marmalade to take home with you.

The annual Marmalade Awards at Dalemain

Now of course, most people love a good piece of freshly baked bread smothered in butter and artisan marmalade, but we thought if this sweet treat can win awards it deserves an even better place on the shelf.

Read on for 5 alternative ways to try this sweet treat.

The annual Marmalade Awards at Dalemain
1. Sticky Sausages – Cook up those family favourites and 10-15 minutes before they’re finished, spoon over the marmalade for a sweet, sticky and salty dinner that will be your new favourite pairing.

Keeping it local? Try it with our very own Cumberland Sausage!
The annual Marmalade Awards at Dalemain
2. Proof is in the bread and butter pudding. Simply dollop and spread a thick layer of marmalade on your bread and butter slices before arranging in the tin. Once you add marmalade to this recipe you’ll never look back.
The annual Marmalade Awards at Dalemain
3. Finding it hard to feast on your veggies? Mix up your greens in Marmalade before seasoning got a tangy, sweet kick. Try it and you’ll thank us, we promise.
The annual Marmalade Awards at Dalemain
4. Cream cheese and marmalade French toast – there’s no better way to start the day than with a hearty breakfast. Marmalade is probably quite at home during breakfast time, but mixed with whipped cream cheese and grilled with egg dipped bread? This is one of those times marmalade will be right at home out if its comfort zone.
The annual Marmalade Awards at Dalemain

5. Marmalade cocktails? Sounds crazy but it’s a drink that keeps finding its way up the popularity ranks. This sweet addition takes away the alcohols intensity, leaving a refreshing, tasty pick-me-up behind.

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