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OUtdoor Adventure Afternoon with CBA Events

The team meet up at Graythwaite for a fun-packed afternoon

It was with a level of trepidation that a team from Cumbria Tourism set out on a wet and windy afternoon for an activity session with our friends from CBA Events at the Graythwaite Estate. This fabulous site nestled on the banks of Windermere and a stone throw from Newby Bridge and Hawkshead is a perfect location for the outdoor activities that CBA Events provides.

When we arrived, the CBA team - Tim, Jason, Matt & Becca were already there to greet us, with big smiles, hot drinks and snacks for all. They explained our itinerary for the afternoon would be three adventure activities – clay pigeon shooting, a RIB ride on Windermere Lake and a 4x4 off-road taster.

Outdoor activity afternoon with CBA EventsWaterproofs and best outdoor gear on for an all-weather activity afternoon!

Clay pigeon shooting

Each member of the team took it in turns to have a go with members of CBA Events guiding them every step of the way – firstly describing safety practices, how to hold the gun and when to pull the trigger. Everyone had several practice shoots, so it didn’t matter that many of the team had never held a gun before – everything was covered. Some team members surprised themselves with how accurate they were and how many clays they were able to shoot!
Check out this slow-mo video of Becky our Data Ninja being a crack shot!
Following the practice shoots, each member of the team had a second go, but this time in competition with a colleague as we had been split into two teams. This added a competitive edge to the action, with clays being fired both forward and away from those shooting to add an extra bit of variety.

It was a great way to participate together and although friendly rivalry was inherent, a cheer went up for whoever managed to shoot a clay down perfectly. Team one won over team two - 15 clays to 7, but really this was secondary as everyone enjoyed it so much.

Windermere Rib Ride

Next up, the two teams went separate ways – team one to experience the RIB ride on Windermere; team two to have a go at off-roading. Again, this was organised impeccably by the CBA Events team. Just as predicted, the weather continued to worsen and team one set out in their best weatherproof gear to go out on the lake.

For those who are not familiar with a RIB, think of the type of boats that are used as lifeboats and you are not far wrong. The RIB has seating both forward facing and backward facing, with the driver in the middle. On the day, Jason was the CBA instructor who was in the driving seat. After setting us up with lifejackets and giving us some safety information, we were off - one by one each member of our team filed onto the RIB.

The Team take a rib ride on Windermere

Those at the back were low in the water and started to feel the effects as soon as the RIB was manoeuvred off the launch. Out on the lake, the weather was really starting to have an effect, with choppy water and a stiff breeze providing plenty of thrills and lots of spray over all the participants. Honestly, it was hilarious, with everybody conceding that we may as well just accept we were going to get very wet indeed!

A big circuit of a section of the lake was covered with Jason even managing to point out some of the landmarks on the lakeside as we went. The thrills continued as we looped around, and the change of direction brought about a new battle with the wind and thrilling weather conditions. This truly is an activity that would be hugely exciting whatever the weather and the team at CBA Events prides itself on being able to operate all year round, offering activities whatever the weather.

Arriving back at the launch, we disembarked from the RIB, feeling very soggy indeed but with huge grins on our faces. I think the picture below says it all really, that this truly was an exhilarating experience for all.

Amazing adventure ride on Windermere

4x4 Off-Roading

Making our way back up from the lake shore, we met up again with team two, who had been having a go at 4x4 off-roading. The teams swapped so team one had a chance to dry out in the warmth of the 4x4 Land Rovers, whilst team two took their turn at being soaked on the RIB.

CBA Events has a specially constructed off-road course on their Graythwaite Estate site and this is slow-speed, technical driving, giving you the opportunity to experience true off-roading in the safe and strictly controlled environment of the purpose built track.

The off-roading activity was led by CBA instructors Tim and Matt. CBA Events has a fleet of Land Rovers, so there was plenty of room for everyone. Once seated inside the vehicles, a short explanation was given on the controls and capabilities of these amazing machines, before setting off. Tim’s group took the lead with Matt’s group following closely behind.

Off-roading adventure with CBA Events at Graythwaite

Each team member got the chance to drive the vehicle in turn, with every twist and turn being explained by our expert instructors to make sure we always got the maximum effect of the course whilst being in total control, meaning whatever level of experience you have as a driver, you are able to control the vehicle and enjoy every moment.

Rocks, gullies, deep puddles, fallen trees and steep inclines provided seemingly gravity-defying conditions along the way, but the Land Rovers are so capable that nothing stopped us getting through. If you enjoy driving or are interested in the extreme landscapes that these amazing vehicles can traverse, then this activity is a must for you.

Off-roading adventure with CBA Events at Graythwaite

A great afternoon!

Having completed the course, we all met up again before going our separate ways. It truly was a fantastic afternoon, and everyone enjoyed the activities so much that our group WhatsApp thread was buzzing with comments, pictures and videos from the day all evening.

CBA Events offers a range of outdoor activities and team building activities all year round. They have a highly skilled team of experienced event professionals and instructors that can organise and lead your group in any activity you wish. They even have some glamping bell tents on the site in a great spot overlooking Windermere, so they can offer overnight arrangements for your party. Have a look at their website here and feel free to drop them a line to discuss your requirements – you won’t be disappointed!

CBA Events Matt and Tim

A huge thank you goes to the whole team from CBA Events for making the afternoon so memorable and enjoyable. Their team puts a great deal of effort into making the events they organise fun for everyone and every detail is thought about to make the experience enjoyable.

CBA Events is a fantastic example of why Cumbria is a world-class all year round destination and #theplacetobe at any time of the year.

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