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Lakes Cycles

Electric mountain biking

It was with some trepidation that I went on the organised e-bike ride with some of the team from the Cumbria Tourism office. I had not been on a bike for some years and was not even sure where we were going.

Two friendly guys – James from Lakes Cycles and Dan from ‘Into the Outside’, met us at Ings service area, with a brand new e-bike for each of us. After a quick demonstration and practice around the car park, we were off. Led by James and Dan, we crossed over the main A591 Lakes road and up into Kentmere. The first incline was the first real example of the benefit of e-biking.

Using a combination of traditional gears and electric power settings, you can choose any level of electric assistance - from 'eco' setting, giving 1-1 electrical drive, through 'tour' and 'sport' settings, and finally 'turbo', giving a massive 8 times the power you generate pedalling. Combine this with the right gear and the most severe incline can be surmounted with the greatest of ease.
Cumbria Tourism
The road became a track, and then the track became rocky, uneven and at times, boggy. There were steep inclines, sharp drops, oh, and a river or two to cross just to make things interesting! Even the most harsh terrain was possible using these amazing machines.

After a good few miles of exhilarating cross-country action, we reached the road, with smooth tarmac and a gradual long descent through the Kentmere Valley. This gave us a great opportunity to really power the bikes along with a combination of pedal and electric propulsion giving us an exciting level of speed that would normally be impossible to achieve on a bike by anyone other than a professional. Of course, you don't have to use the electric power all the time, you can constantly switch between settings to suit your terrain. On the road section of our journey, the 'tour' setting was good, giving just the right level of electric power whilst conserving battery life.
Cumbria Tourism
And so, we arrived back at Ings, a couple of hours after starting, having cycled through a range of conditions, over approximately 12 miles, feeling refreshed and ready for more. I cannot recommend these e-bikes enough. With a range of specifications and prices, they are well placed to revolutionise cycling, opening it up to a new audience and those that would normally shy away from such pastimes.

Check out our video footage of the ride to see how these amazing e-bikes work. You can also find out more about Lakes Cycles HERE.

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