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White Water Kayaking

White Water Kayaking


Channel you inner explorer, the dreamer, the escapist. Experience the new, push yourself, go somewhere completely new and be a kid again. Go on an adventure from your front door, over the weekend or overnight.

INTO THE OUTSIDE Micro Adventures are for those searching for a unique experience, challenge their comfort zone or share with friends and family. Below are a few options to get excited about...

Island Hammock

Get ready for an amazing experience. You will help pack, carry and paddle a Canoe full of expedition gear to a Island for an overnight stay in the ultimate over night bed - a Hammock.

On INTO THE OUTSIDE's Island Hammock Micro Adventure you will paddle a Canadian canoe along one of the Lake District's amazing Lakes and land on an Island. Here we will set up camp, hang our hammocks from the trees and cook out.

You will sleep with the stars above your heads and stare up at the trees and fall asleep with the sound of the settling birds and light breeze.

You will wake up in the morning and cook breakfast before paddling back along the lake waving goodbye, for now, to your Island Hammock.

All food and technical equipment provided. You must bring your own sleeping bag, roll matt and overnight clothing.

Length: 2 Days with Overnight Camp
Group Size: 4-6
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 10km

Cave Dweller

In the 1920's a 36 year old Insurance clerk from London visited the Lake District. So in love with the mountains and what he found he decided to give everything up and start a new life. This 'Professor of Adventure' was called Millican Dalton and he was a Cave Dweller for 50 years. Millican lived to a ripe old age of 79, taught rock climbing skills, bushcraft and built a raft that he would paddle into town for supplies. We won't be in a cave for as long as Millican but now it's you chance to give it a go.

On INTO THE OUTSIDE's Cave Dweller Micro Adventure you will pack a light weight ruck sack with you sleeping bag and roll matt and venture into the Lake District hills. You will visit a mighty cave, perched on a high crag face and set up camp for the night. Here we will cook dinner from our perch and look down into the valley before finally resting our heads for the night, channeling the spirit of this Lake District legend.

In the morning we will cook breakfast and look out of the caves mouth at the mist rising from the valley below before making our way back down.

All food and technical equipment provided. You must bring your own sleeping bag, roll matt and overnight clothing.

Length: 2 Days with Overnight Bivi
Price: £180pp
Group Size: 2 Maximum
Difficulty: Moderate

Tarn Wild Swim

So you like swimming and you like walking in the mountains well why not combine both. Grab your ruck sack and pack your swimmers and towel. We're heading into the Lakeland mountains to discovery a small lake; a Tarn, where you can have a wild swim in one of the most beautiful Lake District settings.

On INTO THE OUTSIDE's Tarn Wild Swim Micro Adventure you will walk a small distance up into the hills to find one of the many Tarns scattered across the mountains. These Tarns are a place for quiet solitude, to remind ourselves to feel at one with the environment. Here we will take a relaxing dip in the fresh water, lay back and stare at the mountain tops and towards the clouds.

We will supply a wetsuit if needed. All you needs is your swim wear and a towel, food and drink for the day.

Length: 4 Hours
Price: £55pp
Group Size: 4-8
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 6 km

Build a Raft

Have you ever wanted to feel like Robinson Crusoe and build a Raft from a tree to escape marauders from a deserted island? Well we wont be hacking down any trees or running away from any savages but this is your chance to build a raft from materials and paddle it across the lake to freedom!

On INTO THE OUTSIDE's Build a Raft Micro Adventure you will have the opportunity to build your own raft. Using materials we have supplied you will have some time to design a raft and build it. Learning knots and lashings alone the way and the paddling skills to operate you crate on a hopeful successful voyage!

You will need swim wear and a towel. We will supply wetsuits, Buoyancy aids and helmets.

Length: 3 Hours
Price: £45pp
Group Size: 8-12
Difficulty: Easy

Bivi under the Stars

Have you ever read any mountaineering books. They are mostly about pain and suffering and 'Death bivouac' at 8000m. Tales of extreme survival. Well this isn't going to be any of that...

on INTO THE OUTSIDE's Bivi under the Stars Micro Adventure you will be taken on a low level hike to a beautiful clearing and spend the night under the stars in Bivouac bag of Bivi bag. A bivi bag is generally used for survival but it's also a fun way to sleep in the mountains without the need for a tent. This way you get a feeling of being really close to the outside world and experience an amazing view of the night sky and the planets circling overhead. There's always a shooting star or two.

All food and technical equipment provided. You must bring your own sleeping bag, roll matt and overnight clothing.

Length: Overnight
Price: £160pp
Group Size: 4-6
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 6km

Sea to Summit

This is quite a challenge in itself and probably one of the most demanding INTO THE OUTSIDE Micro Adventure. To Summit a mountain is one thing but to do it starting from the coast line is another challenge all together.

On INTO THE OUTSIDE's Sea to Summit Micro Adventure you will start on the Irish sea at Ravenglass. You will then hike into the Eskdale valley passing beautiful waterfalls until reaching Mickldoor and onwards to the Roof of England, Scafell Pike 3,209 Feet. 'The Mecca of all weary pilgrims in Lakeland', As Alfred Wainwright describe the journey.

Sea to Summit is actually a *Macro adventure and is a full on challenge. You will need to bring a ruck sack with lunch and snacks and plenty of water for a full day out on the hill.

Length: 12 Hours
Price: £55pp
Group Size:8 Minimum
Difficulty: Hard
Length: 26km

Micro Adventures can be anything and INTO THE OUTSIDE can create a bespoke adventure for you, your friends, colleagues and family.

Please get in touch if you would like to come on a Micro Adventure. They are great days out and a fantastic way to experience the Lake District. They are fun, challenging and basically remind us to be kids again!




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