Beech Hill Hotel

Hotel with 57 rooms £84-£328 prpnb


  • Newby Bridge Road
  • Bowness-on-Windermere
  • Windermere
  • Cumbria
  • LA23 3LR

Tel: 015394 42137

Fax: 015394 43745

    Mature / Senior Couple Kristy Spellman
    None, United Kingdom
    17 November 2015
    Rated as 3 out of 5


    I was very excited about our stay in the Lake District. It was my first time in the area, and was a birthday gift from my husband.

    The hotel looks lovely on paper, and it is clear that some effort has been made to upgrade the property, but it was clear upon arrival that these efforts were not enough to give it the title of a luxury hotel.

    The carpet in our room (26) was not laid properly, and as a result there was a bit that tripped me up on more than one occasion between the bed and the bathroom. The size of the bathtub was a complete joke, as I barely fit into it at 5'2". My partner had no hope of finding it luxurious at 6'6"!

    On our second night there, we had dinner in the restaurant, and the food was good, but the service was so fast that we were done our starter and main in the space of 30 minutes. They seemed like they were in a rush to do everything, so it really didn't make us feel that we could take our time over our meal. We didn't order pudding as a result.

    Not having internet in the property is absurd in this day and age. Saying that it works in the restaurant and bar is fine if it actually worked properly. It didn't work once for either of us in the restaurant, and it was hit and miss in the bar area as well. For the money you are charging, you should make it a little easier for your guests to use the internet.

    The worst part of it all was the bed in our room, which was so uncomfortable that by our third and final night I felt like I was losing my mind from lack of sleep. I nearly went to our car to sleep, I was that uncomfortable.

    We won't be staying with you again, and I won't be recommending your property to others. Your staff was very friendly and kind, but that can only take you so far.

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