Wateredge Inn

Inn with 22 rooms £35-£174 prpnb


  • Waterhead Bay
  • Ambleside
  • Cumbria
  • LA22 0EP

Tel: 015394 32332

Fax: 015394 31878

    Alone Marsha Hymanson
    La Canada, United States
    01 June 2012
    Rated as 2 out of 5

    “It was fine.”

    I stayed here in 1988 and just loved the warm, old fashioned atmosphere with a resident's lounge having an unimpeded view of the lake. I was horrified at the changes made in the 2000 remodeling, which created a modern, cold atmosphere of glass and slate floors. There is NOWHERE that a resident can sit in a comfortable chair, with a fireplace and a view of the lake.

    This remodel has removed the most attractive feature of the Wateredge Inn, and I was very disappointed. I will never stay there again.

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