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art & culture of staveley...

Roundhouse Theatre
Every year in August residents put on an Art Exhibition for regional artists at the Roundhouse on Main Street, which includes lectures and demonstrations by notable UK artists.

Kentmere Studio Pottery
Gordon Fox produces handmade ceramics, incorporating fine enamels and lustres. The studio specialises in lamps, jardinières and tableware. Open all year, but advisable to telephone first.

In Scottish, gowan is the name for the common daisy or occasionally the buttercup. It is derived from the original form gollan which is the marsh marigold, the name was made famous by Robert Burns in a poem originally entitled "The Gowan" which is now known as "To a Mountain Daisy". The lakeland poet William Wordsworth also uses the word gowan to refer to a common wayside flower indicating that the name was used in the area and therefore it is possible that the river got its name from the fact that it flows through many flower meadows on the valley floor.

Peter Hall Furniture Workshop and Showroom
High quality bespoke furniture using traditional skills and locally sourced wood. Visitors are able to see all stages of furniture-making starting with the felled trees in the timber yard through to lathe cutting, assembly, finishing processes and restoration work, all by skilled craftsmen. Open every day except Sundays and Bank Holidays (Saturday afternoons by appointment only).

Out of the Woods Workshop and Showroom
Individual, handmade pieces are designed to produce personal interior spaces. Working with various woods, pine, sycamore, and oak. They also supply accessories to compliment each product, these vary from ceramics, glass, wooden items, to lighting.

Staveley Carnival
Staveley Carnival consists of a weekend of colourful celebrations where you can experience everything from music and dance through to community arts music and a carnival atmosphere. The finale of the weekend events is a Brazilian-style procession through the village of Staveley, near Kendal. Everyone is welcome to visit and get involved.

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