Wainwright's Lost Tour

May 1931 marked Wainwright's second tour to the lakes, following his life changing visit a year previously. In 1991, shortly after Wainwright's death, the one surviving member of the party WE Maudsley provided a route plan. We know that the poor weather that Witsun Holiday week made the 6 day trip a test of endurance, in other respects we have little to go on as Wainwright himself did not leave any detailed notes on the trip . What makes the tour particularly interesting, however, is that it covers every lake, mountain and valley in the area, thus making this a perfect itinerary for modern day followers in the great man's footsteps. Professional photographer Ed Geldard, who formed a strong friendship with Wainwright towards the end of his life, recreates the tour in remarkable detail giving a detailed breakdown of the route as it would have been had the weather been in their favour. The book is illustrated with over 180 magnificent full-colour photographs that will delight both armchair walkers and those looking for a genuinely informative guide to walking in the Lakes.Wainwright aficionados will also delight in this missing pageA" from the life story of the man most associated with the Lakes.