interactive map of the lake district...

To use the interactive map you need both flash version 9 and javascript installed. Click here to download flash.
© Map - Oxford Cartographers 2004


Selecting data to show

Click on the menu bars to select the type of data and click on a topic to add it to the map.  You can add as many topics as you like.  If a topic has many spots, more will appear as you zoom in. If you hover over a point it will show a summary.


Moving around the map

You can move around the map by dragging or using the arrows. The green square in the little picture of Cumbria shows you where you are; you can also drag this around to show a different part of Cumbria.


Looking for availability

If you want to find accommodation which is available for a particular day or events on when you plan to visit, enter the date (or use the calendar) and number of nights and click Go.


Cumbria in Pictures

Cumbria is a beautiful place. Use this little button to explore the map in pictures. Clicking on a picture will zoom in and show you more pictures.


Changing the scale

You can use this tool to see the map in greater detail. To zoom in simply slide the arrow to the right and to zoom out again return the arrow to the left position.


Woolly is your guide

If you don't click anything for a while Woolly will come out of his pen and show you some highlights of Cumbria. If you don't want him following you around, you can drag him back to his pen.