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The glittering lake of Ullswater, extending from Pooley Bridge to Patterdale, is at the heart of this area. Whether descending from the lofty heights of Kirkstone or tagging the western shoreline the views are outstanding with new vistas revealed at every twist and turn in the road.

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Talbot Studio living room

Talbot House & Talbot Studio

Self-catering with 2 units, £335-£632 pupw sleeps 2-5

Ullswater House

Ullswater House

Bed & Breakfast with 5 rooms, £45-£48 pppnb, £100-£110 prpnb

Mosscrag Guest House

Mosscrag Guest House

Guest House with 6 rooms, £30-£49 pppnb

Lowthwaite B&B

Lowthwaite B&B

Bed & Breakfast with 4 rooms, £41-£48 pppnb

Beech House

Beech House

Bed & Breakfast with 7 rooms, £40-£65 pppn

Patterdale Hall Estate

Patterdale Hall Estate

Self-catering with 11 units, £264-£675 pupw sleeps 2-6

Stone Cottage living room

Stone Cottage

Self-catering with 1 unit, £750-£1450 pupw sleeps 2-6

Elm House

1863 Bar Bistro Rooms

Guest House with 7 rooms, £46-£140 prpnb

Wydon Farm

Poppy, Lavender and Daisy Cottage

Self-catering with 3 units, £45-£680 pupw sleeps 1-5

Whitbarrow Hotel

Whitbarrow Hotel

Hotel with 25 rooms, £85-£158 prpnb

Leeming House

Macdonald Leeming House

Hotel with 41 rooms, £78-£408 pppnb

Wordsworth Cottage Living Room

Wordsworth Cottage

Self-catering with 1 unit, £495-£995 pupw sleeps 2-6

Wordsworth Barn exterior

Wordsworth Barn

Self-catering with 1 unit, £365-£695 pupw sleeps 1-2

The Byre living area

The Byre

Self-catering with 1 unit, £500-£850 pupw sleeps 4

Ullswater View Cottage kitchen

Ullswater View Cottage

Self-catering with 1 unit, £315-£506 pupw sleeps 1-6

The Inn on the Lake

Inn on the Lake

Hotel with 47 rooms, £75-£95 pppnb

Deepdale Hall Farm

Deepdale Hall Farmhouse

Farmhouse with 2 rooms, £45-£50 pppnb

The Waternook Estate

Waternook & The Great Barn

Self-catering with 2 units, £0-£8400 pupw sleeps 1-12

The Patterdale Hotel

The Patterdale Hotel

Hotel with 57 rooms, £35-£60 pppnb

Quiet Site Caravan Park

The Quiet Site Holiday Park

Touring Park with 90 pitches, £15-£1600 ptpn

Beckside Cabins

Beckside Cabins

Chalet with 1 unit, £740 pupw sleeps 1-5

Country Lodge and Courtyard

Land Ends Cabins & Country Lodge

Self-catering with 5 units, £250-£2860 pupw sleeps 1-17

Ullswater Caravan Camping & Marine Park

Ullswater Holiday Park

Touring & Camping Park with 160 pitches, £14-£28 ptpn

Waterfoot Caravan Park

Waterfoot Park

Holiday & Touring Park with 34 pitches, £1-£29 ptpn

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Yuletide Afternoon Tea & Cruise

Tue 1 Nov - Fri 23 Dec 2016


Boxing Day Casino Night

Sat 10 - Sat 17 Dec 2016


Christmas Party Nights

Sat 10 - Sat 17 Dec 2016


Santa Magic

Sun 18 Dec 2016



Surrounding Areas

Pooley Bridge
Glenridding Village
Aira Force

Culture and Heritage

Aira Force
Boat House
Many prehistoric remains have been found on the high ground. The so-called Cockpit on Barton Fell is a large stone circle of Neolithic date. Another stone circle and a stone avenue have been identified on Moor Divock dating from 2500-1500 BC.

On nearby Swarth Fell there is a circle of 65 stones of which only one remains upright today. Several routes across the fells converge at this point, suggesting that this spur of high ground between Ullswater and Heltondale has been used as a trade route and settlement site from time immemorial.

The Romans also commandeered this high ground to link their two forts at Brougham (Brocavum) and Ambleside (Galava) by a paved road known as High Street.

Ancient British settlements have been found in Bannerdale and Deepdale and near Glencoyne Farm and Hartsop Hall. A fort sits atop Dunmallard Hill at the northern end of Ullswater providing unrivalled views down the lake. Another hill fort lies 2 miles (3.2 km) west at Maiden Castle. This long-standing history of occupation implies that food supplies must have been plentiful. Fish would be taken from the lake, and wild boar and deer hunted in the extensive woodlands.

During the early 19th century William Wordsworth and his sister, Dorothy, often came to stay in Ullswater. In April 1802, Wordsworth was inspired to write his famous ode after seeing a profusion of daffodils at Gowbarrow Park.

However, a few decades later, the tranquil beauty of the area was to change with industrial exploitation of the Greenside Lead Mine at Glenridding which operated for over 140 years and was one of the most profitable mining ventures in the north of England. More than 3 million tons of ore were extracted from this exceptionally rich lead vein before mining ceased in 1962. Huge spoil heaps overshadow a complex of mine buildings whilst, further down the valley, gaunt rows of slate terraced houses provided accommodation for miners who came from all over the country.

Ullswater ‘Steamers' began operating in 1859, initially to bring food and provisions for the miners at Glenridding, but the service quickly became popular with tourists.


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