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This seclusion has initiated Wild Ennerdale, a partnership helping the valley to develop as a ‘wilder' place for all to enjoy.

The gateway to Ennerdale is Ennerdale Bridge; a small rural community at a bridging point over the River Ehen. Beyond, the river enters a world dominated by the legacy of iron ore mining and limestone and granite quarrying. The large ‘new' town of Cleator Moor was built to house the huge numbers of migrant workers who flooded into the area in search of work. Frizington, Moor Row and Bigrigg were also developed on the back of iron ore mining, while Arcledon, Rowrah and Asby have rows of miners' terraced houses tacked onto the original villages. Among these ‘industrial' villages are the older settlements of Cleator, Kirkland and Lamplugh.

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T' Girt Dog of Ennerdale

In 1810 a marauding dog was responsible for the deaths of over 300 sheep and lambs in just four months. Attempts to hunt the dog using hounds failed. It was eventually cornered and shot on 11th September and found to weigh 56 kilos or over 8½ stone!

Mysterious deaths at Lamplugh

A centuries-old manuscript from Lamplugh paints a picture of rampant murder, mayhem and misadventure in the village during the 17th century. During the 8 years between 1656 and 1663, among many entries, it records three women drowned for witchcraft, while another drowned after being ‘led into a horse pond by a will-o'-the-wisp'. Two died after duels: the first fought with ‘frying pan and pitchforks'; the second with a ‘3-footed stool and a jug'. One chap ‘over eat himself at a house warming' and another broke his neck robbing a hen roost. More bizarrely, two died after drinking Mrs Lamplugh's cordial water and four people were scared to death by fairies.

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