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  • Allonby Beach
  • Allonby Beach
  • Allonby Beach

about Allonby & Aspatria:


• The ancient township of Aspatria (pronounced ‘Spi-atry' by locals) is now described as ‘milk town’.

• It has one of the most modern creameries in England on its doorstep, with several local outlaying farms supplying milk on a daily basis.

• A few miles west it the former fishing village Allonby.

• Allonby enjoys some beautiful far-reaching views over to Scotland and the Isle of Man.

• Its sand and shingle beach follows the edge of a wide crescent-shaped bay that is ideal for windsurfing and kite surfing.

• Behind the dunes and the ‘greens' is an assortment of grand Georgian architecture and humble fishermen's cottages, linked by narrow cobbled lanes and passageways.

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Gincase Tearoom, Craft Barn, Gallery


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