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The word 'canoeing' is often used to encompass both canoes and kayaks. To avioid confusion, we are talking about proper canoes: the canadian-style open boats, typically crewed by two or more people using single-bladed paddles. There are all sorts of adventures here, take on the challenges of canoe orienteering, go canoe touring or even progress to a five day Advanced Open Boat course. Canoes are very stable and there's not much to learn before you'll find yourself on the water. For anything more ambitious expert tuition is never far away.
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Kayaks are also North American in origin, but this time we mean the Eskimo or Inuit peoples of the extreme north. Kayaks were used for long sea journeys as well as for hunting, leading to the development of highly manoeuvrable craft that are also capable of keeping out of the waves.

With a double-bladed paddle giving total control, and a fully enclosed boat that feels like an extension of your body, you'll soon be ready to tackle rivers, rapids, mountain streams - even the coastal surf. Remember: white water depends on rain and snowfall. Winter and Spring can be the most exciting times of all. Local activity providers will be able to supply all the equipment, instruction and advice you need for a breathtaking experience.
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