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miles without stiles...

There are 39 routes across the Lake District National Park all suitable for people with limited mobility, wheelchair users and families with pushchairs and young children.

The routes have no stiles as the title suggests, and gates are wide enough to allow wheelchairs and pushchairs. Some of the routes are near to facilities such as toilets and refreshments, but other routes are remote, ideal for escaping modern life. All the routes are graded and this is based on route gradients and surface conditions. There are 3 levels of grading.

Routes for all

These routes are suitable for everyone, including pushchairs and people operating their own wheelchairs. Gradients will be no more than 1:10. The surface will be tarmac or smooth, compacted stone with a diameter of 10 mm or less. Path width will be a minimum of 1 metre with passing places.

Routes for many

This means suitable for assisted wheelchair users and those with more robust, all-terrain type buggies. Existing gradients no more than 1:10, although newly built gradients can be up to 1:8. The path surface will be rougher stone of 4 cm diameter or less.

Routes for some

Gradients are not limited, but slopes greater than 1:8 will have improved surfacing, or handrails. There may be some low steps or breaks in the surface up to 10 cm in height. Stone surface material may also be up to 10 cm in diameter.

Strong and confident wheelchair users and helpers may find routes ‘for some' within their abilities. Please assess your route choice carefully.

Path conditions can change and be damaged, or eroded, by rain and bad weather. Check with the Lake District National park for up to date route information on 01768 871409.

More information about the Miles Without Stiles routes and detailed maps and route descriptions for all 39 routes can be found by following this link: miles without stiles

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